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How to Migrate Emails from Gmail Accounts in Batch?

Know how to migrate emails from Gmail using professional method. Get a best way to save emails from Gmail to several cloud & desktop clients.

A lot of internet users are searching for a professional method for solving “how to migrate emails from Gmail” related issues. If you are also one of them then don’t worry. Because in this blog post team Migration Tutorials is delivering the best way to save emails from Gmail. After reading this article, users can download all emails from Gmail and store them on the desktop and cloud-based services. You can continue read this specific blog post here for solving all raised queries.

  • How to copy emails from Gmail?
  • How to migrate emails from Gmail?

Why do users download all emails from Gmail?

Gmail is a cloud-based email service that stores all data on Google’s cloud. Users can access their stored Gmail emails using account credentials. But some users prefer to archive emails from Gmail account to multiple commonly used standard file extensions.

Gmail is a freeware cloud-based email service while many professional users prefer to use business email accounts. Many users want to bulk forward emails from Gmail to other cloud services such as Office 365, Exchange Server, G Suite, IBM Verse, Amazon WorkMail, etc.

Various forensic investigators, lawyers, legal advisers, students, and engineers want to print multiple emails from Gmail. But it can be possible after download multiple emails from Gmail account to Adobe PDF documents. PDF is the most demanding file extension for printing and legal purposes.

Many business professionals want to copy emails from Gmail to external storage devices like Pen Drive, Hard Drive, Flash Drive, etc. Therefore they can use the archived backup accordingly. Users can connect an external storage device to the pc and collect all emails in standard file extensions like PST, MBOX, EML, etc.

How to Migrate Emails from Gmail?

Gmail Backup Wizard is an excellent and well-suitable program for exporting emails from Gmail accounts. The tool is helpful in all Gmail related matters. You can just download this mentioned software to download multiple emails from Gmail accounts to multiple email formats, document formats, email clients, email services, and email servers. You can use it accordingly for solving various problems.

  1. Start the recommended toolkit and enter Gmail credentials that you want to migrate. Click on the Login button to continue.
  2. After that, check required or all Gmail folders from the software window. Select a saving format according to your choice.
  3. Thereafter, it will automatically choose the desktop as the destination path but users can also browse a different destination path if they want.
  4. It provides several email filter options to migrate emails from Gmail by Date Range, Sender and Receiver Email Id, and Email Subject.
  5. At last, hit on the Backup button for exporting emails from Gmail accounts to the selected file extension.

Frequently asked questions

Que 1 – Can I migrate emails from one Gmail to another?

Ans – Yes, the mentioned third party tool is authorized to migrate emails from one Gmail to another. It asks only account login details for finishing the task.

Que 2 – Does your software permit to migrate emails from multiple Gmail accounts at once?

And – Yes, don’t worry! You can upload a CSV file having multiple Google account credentials for batch migration.

Que 3 – Does this software permit to copy emails from Gmail to flash drive?

Ans – Yes, you can use it to copy emails from Gmail to desktop / flash drive / pen drive / hard drive, etc.

What is special in the mentioned third-party toolkit?

This recommended Gmail Backup Wizard is the best way to save emails from Gmail in more than 30+ file extension. Its highlighted feature is that it permits to migrate emails from Gmail in batch at once. Therefore users can save their valuable time and effort. If someone wants to archive emails from Gmail account to individual email and documents. Then you can manage them using multiple file naming options like Date, Time, Year, From, Subject, etc.

It can be used to migrate emails from one Gmail to another Gmail & desktop-based email programs. The tool preserves all-important email items and components during bulk forward emails from Gmail i.e. Attachments, Subject, Signature, Internet Header, Hyperlinks, Date, Time, Year, Sender, and Receiver email addresses. This software gives freedom to choose specific email folders to backup emails from Gmail.

Let’s test it now freely

Do you want to evaluate this recommended software before purchasing the license keys? If yes, then don’t worry because it comes with a free trial version. Just download the free demo edition to save few emails from each Gmail folder to local pc or cloud services. After getting complete satisfaction, users can grab its license keys and avoid all limitations.

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