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How to Migrate AOL Email Accounts with Accuracy ? – Complete Information

AOL Inc. (originally known as America Online) is an international mass media business firm based in New York. On June 23, 2015, AOL was acquired by Verizon Communications. AOL is definitely one of the most popular American email service providers but now it’s not widely been used. Numerous users are facing issues with AOL email account whose support performance has worsened over the years. In this blog, you will get to know how to migrate Aol email accounts.

Reasons to Migrate AOL Email Web Application

In the last few years, users are consistently asking queries for how to migrate emails from AOL webmail. There are certain reasons for this:

  1. The primary reason to migrate Aol emails is the unavailability of AOL mail account. Numerous clients face a quick closure in AOL Mail Server while getting to their email accounts.
  2. Each association searches for business solutions that can give most extreme accessibility, and that is the reason they are migrating emails from Aol mail account.
  3. Numerous clients have additionally communicated their disappointment in the absence of capacity to thread communication emails and labelling feature in Aol service.
  4. All the more significantly, its email searching capability is somewhat simple. This could be a significant turn off for companies that need archiving facilities, particularly for legal purposes.

Why Not Choose Manual Method to Migrate Emails from AOL Email Account ?

Although the manual methods are always available for users for free of cost. But these native methods come with a major drawback.

  1. The users who want to migrate AOL email account need to have appropriate computer knowledge as mostly the migration process involves the IMAP/POP3 configuration.
  2. Secondly, when it comes to batch migration of Aol emails then the manual approaches are not suitable. These take a huge amount of time for processing that is not good for end-user productivity.
  3. Thirdly, there is no guarantee that the manual method will give you accurate results. It can destroy the integrity of data and may disturb the original folder hierarchy.
  4. Along with these factors, other risks are also associated with such techniques like Broken inline images, corrupted or lost email attachments, incomplete Aol email header components.

Considering these situations users will have a question in their mind that now what could be the possible approach to migrate Aol email accounts.

In the next section of the blog, you will learn about a professional method for Aol email migration.

Expert Recommended Method to Migrate AOL Emails

The most feasible method to migrate emails from AOL webmail is to use third-party software. Users always prefer software that can fulfill their corporate requirements. On such a basis, AOL Email Backup Wizard is the most precise solution. It is cost-effective and reliable software that gives the ability to the users for migrating batch Aol email accounts. With a few mouse clicks, one can migrate thousands of Aol emails without compromising the data integrity. Also, the tool facilitates to do a selective email migration of AOL webmail.

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Step-by-Step Method to Migrate AOL Webmail Accounts

In order to migrate AOL emails with third-party software, you will need to follow these steps:

Firstly, download and install the setup of software on your Windows machine.

Now, you will see the bulk of email source options from which you have to choose the AOL service. Along with this, enter the source AOL email account login credentials so that the tool can fetch all mailboxes.

It will automatically analyze the entire AOL account and will load all email folders into the software panel. Now, just choose only required Aol emails which you want to migrate.

This powerful AOL Migrator offers numerous saving options for migrating Aol emails in standard file formats, email clients, and webmail services. Choose the one that best fits your needs. Here are the options that you can enjoy with this software.

Migrate Data from AOL Email Account in Numerous Ways

File Types: The tool offers various file formats to migrate emails from AOL such as PST, MSG, EML, EMLX, MBOX, PDF, HTML, MHT, XPS, RTF, DOC, etc.

Email Client: It also permits to migration AOL mailboxes to popular email clients like Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Zimbra, Lotus Notes, etc.

Webmail Services: You can also take advantage of migrating Aol webmail emails to cloud-based email services like Gmail, Yahoo, G Suite, Exchange Server, Hosted Exchange Server, Office 365, IMAP Server, and many more.

Enjoy the Performance of Fully-Fledged Third-Party Software

  • It comes with a consistent and easy to understand interface that helps any non-technical user for implementing migration.
  • Advance Filter Settings options to migrate AOL email account in a distinctive and particular way.
  • The on-disk folder hierarchy and email properties remain unaltered throughout the processing.
  • Users can migrate batch Aol email accounts in single processing.
  • I am Admin option to migrate the Aol administrator email account for professional requirements.

Concluding Words

The manual and standard methods for migrating Aol mailboxes can cause information leakage if the process fails in between. Also, such techniques don’t permit to migrate whole AOL email account. So, if you wish to have a safe and hassle-free email migration of Aol webmail then always use third-party software. Such automated solutions will exterminate all complexities and complete the migration of AOL emails in a much secure manner.

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