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How to Migrate Windstream Email Accounts with Precision?

Have you ever wondered how to migrate Windstream emails automatically inspite of using the copy and paste process? If your answer is yes, then surely you have landed on the right page. Here, we have elaborated on how you can migrate emails from Windstream email account without using the complicated manual methods.

Windstream is a widely recognized webmail application which suits best for all level of companies – small, medium, or large. However, users are more attracted to an email service that could serve extra security, well interactive interface, and useful features. Thus, the need to migrate Windstream emails emerges.

Since there are already many manual methods to migrate messages from Windstream webmail, you must be confused. Such methods are more prone to disastrous data loss issues, missing header information, much complexity, long and tiring process.

Thus, how to deal with this problem?

Well, you can always rely on third-party software that can directly migrate Windstream email accounts without missing any information.

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How to Migrate Windstream Email Accounts ? Best and Instant Solution

Windstream webmail does not provide an easy in-built mechanism for migrating Windstream emails. So, if you are looking for a fast and reliable approach then do stick to an automated software like Email Backup Wizard.

There are no complexities associated with this software. You just need to follow some basic guidelines to migrate emails from Windstream webmail. First of all, download and install the software on any Windows machine.

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Then, choose Windstream as an email source from the list and enter all account credentials. Then, click on the login tab after which the tool will automatically fetch all mailboxes from your Windstream webmail account. Here, check all the required email folders which you wish to migrate from Windstream email account. Lastly, pick the desired saving option from the list provided in the utility.

What are the Supported Saving Options for Migrating Emails from Windstream Webmail ?

The supported file saving options of the recommended third-party app are given below. You can select any of them and click on Migrate to continue the process. Finish!


Desktop-based email clients: Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Zimbra, Lotus Notes, and many more.

Webmail: Gmail, Yahoo, G Suite, Office 365,, Exchange Server, Hosted Exchange Server, Rackspace, IMAP Server, etc.

Key Features of Automated Software

  1. It preserves the original structure of Windstream folders and sub-folders.
  2. The tool is accurately tested, gives rapid results, and is really cost-effective.
  3. Users can migrate Windstream email account with attachments using this tool.
  4. It does not need any plug-ins or external application installation.
  5. The software has an uncluttered and easy to understand GUI.
  6. It is compatible with all Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.
  7. The utility maintains all email attributes, attachments, inline images, formatting, hyperlinks, etc.

User Query: How Can I Directly Migrate Windstream Webmail Emails ?

All over the world, there are different users who use Windstream webmail for a specific purpose. One if the users from Canada writes:

“Hello, I am, currently working as an IT administrator in a US-based MNC. For the organization’s purpose, we are now switching to Hosted Exchange Server. So, we now need to migrate Windstream email accounts at once. As our data is our major concern thus, we can’t afford to lose a single bit of information during the whole migration process.

We are looking forward to a reliable third-party solution that could preserve the integrity of Windstream webmail data. Please help!!”

Over to You

If you want a trustworthy and efficient solution for migrating Windstream webmail account. Then, we suggest choosing the above solution. You can use the free demo version to evaluate the performance of the software. Hopefully, the entire blog would be beneficial for your email migration needs. If still, you have any query, please contact our technical support team. We are available to solve your problems 24*7.

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