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How to Migrate Emails to New Host ? Get Solution Here

How to migrate emails to New Host with ease and security ? It is a most commonly asked query by many IT users.

Migration Tutorials covers all aspects of migrating from emails to New Host account.

Make a successful move with our DIY email migration solutions.

Here, in this article, we will guide our users how to migrate emails to New Host without facing hassle and losing a bit of information.

Let Migration Tutorials Do Work for You

Before we proceed, however, we’d like to mention a user query to understand the need.

“I have a lot of email messages including attachments. Now, I am not happy with the current email service I am using. I need to migrate email to New Host without losing a bit of information.

I searched for a manual process to accomplish this task but couldn’t find one.

Is there any way to do this task ? If so, then please suggest.”

Thus, there could be many more reasons why users need to migrate emails to a New Host.

A Well-Established Solution to Migrate Emails to New Host

Our findings show that Email Migrator is the only solution that supports this type of migration. It is the fast, flexible, and powerful solution that can easily migrate emails to New Host in some clicks.

All migrations are done in real time with delta passes to ensure emails are migrated directly to New Host. Simply download this third-party app on your Windows machine and install it.


Run the software and choose the required source email service you are currently using and provide credentials. It will automatically load the folders on the left panel. So, check the required folders whose emails you want to migrate.

Now, whatever the source is, this third-party application allows you to migrate emails to multiple popular email hosting services, Web Hosting services, and Business Email Hosting Services.

List of Supported Hosting Services to Which You Can Migrate Emails

  • Email Hosting Services: You can easily migrate emails to New Host such as Gmail, Yahoo, G Suite, Microsoft 365,, etc.
  • Web Hosting Services: The suggested third-party application supports to migrate emails to multiple Web-Hosting services via IMAP option.
  • Business Email Hosting Services: You can migrate emails to GoDaddy, BlueHost, GMX, Hosted Zimbra, and other business email hosting services.

After choosing the saving option, the tool starts migrating emails to New Host. You will get the resultant data in few moments.

What’s New & What’s All Migrated ?

✔ Powerful and tested third-party application.

✔ Migrate unlimited emails to New Host.

✔ Easy-to-use and simple user interface.

✔ Cost-effective and free from any type of bugs.

✔ Ability to migrate administrator account at once.

✔ Nothing to download or install to migrate emails to new Host.

✔ High fidelity email migration to new host.

Closing Lines

Hopefully after reading this article, you will be able to migrate email to a new host in some clicks. We will come to you and provide you with the best and possible ways to migrate emails.

If you still need more help, contact to us and our specialists will help you.

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