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How to Migrate Hotmail Email Accounts ? – The Beginner’s Guide

Abstract- The trick to migrate Hotmail email accounts is not fluent. Why? Because Hotmail (now called as is a webmail service and Microsoft does not come up with a free forwarding, POP3, IMAP options for non-paying users. There is an exceptionally basic approach to do it which we will discuss in this blog.

Hotmail has updated its GUI to a new Outlook clone AJAX-intensive interface and has effectively irritated many existing users of Hotmail. If you are looking for some other decent other option because you are going to dump Hotmail then we would like to tell you that there are tons of options available out there. The reason could be any for migrating emails from Hotmail, for example, you love the features and loading speed of some other email service. Hence, you need to migrate constantly the entirety of your Hotmail email messages,

Migrate Hotmail Emails – A Necessity!

Hotmail has consistently stayed at the front line of webmail services. Since its commencement, it has encountered multiple ups and downs but still keeping up a user base numbered in millions. Like plethora of cloud-based email services, Hotmail users are also vulnerable to hacking occurrences. There have been various such events where the users have lost their whole Hotmail information in a moment. Along these lines, keeping a duplicate of the Hotmail database on a local computer has now become a need. In spite of the fact that the prime motivation to migrate Hotmail email is a digital crime. In certain situations, the need to batch migrate emails from Hotmail data to desktop email clients, for example, MS Outlook, Thunderbird, Outlook, eM Client, etc also need such a backup process.

Most Precise Method to Migrate Emails from Hotmail Webmail

Without any direct method, the manual approaches are a decent choice to migrate Hotmail messages. Nonetheless, it’s attainability diminishes significantly when confronted with a circumstance which requires batch migrating Hotmail emails. Why? Since the standard manual methods only migrate emails one at a time. The means that the steps should be rehashed again and again for all messages. So in order to migrate data from Hotmail account in a split second, we will get to know with a brilliant method in the below section.

SOLUTION- Batch Migrate Hotmail Email Messages in Quarter of Minute

In order to migrate a large number of emails, contacts, and other email components from Hotmail account, specialized third-party software is needed. The pertinent option in such circumstances is Email Backup Wizard. It is compatible with both Microsoft Windows OS and Mac machines. The software has the ability to migrate emails from Hotmail in popular file formats that are supported by email services.

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File Formats – Take the help of this automated software to migrate Hotmail emails into computer file formats like PST, MSG, EML, EMLX, MBOX, PDF, HTML, PDF, RTF, DOC, XPS, etc.

Email Clients – Migrate Hotmail messages to various email clients such as Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Lotus Notes, Zimbra Desktop, and many more.

Webmail – Other than email clients, you can also migrate email messages from Hotmail to a series of cloud-based email services like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Office 365, Exchange Server, Hosted Exchange Server,, etc.

Hence, whatsoever be your requirement, you can migrate mailboxes of Hotmail so that you can access them anytime, anywhere.

Basic Steps Involved in Migrating Emails from Hotmail Account

There are certain steps that you will need to follow for migrating data from the Hotmail service. The first step is to download and install the setup of the recommended third-party software on your machine. Once you have launched it, now you can enjoy its unbeatable performance.

Choose Hotmail from the list of email sources available in the toolkit. Along with this, fill up the important details of your Hotmail account such as the email address and password. The software gives the option to batch migrate multiple Hotmail accounts in one go with the advance mode option. So, you can opt-in if required.

Then, just hit on the login button and that’s it! The software will now start fetching all emails from your Hotmail account and will load the data into the software panel within a few seconds.

Now, you can select any saving option that best suits your needs and thereafter start the process.

The Prime Benefits of Software

  1. Users can batch migrate emails from Hotmail account in single processing.
  2. The tool also gives the option to migrate multiple Hotmail accounts simultaneously.
  3. There is a selective data filter option which you can use to migrate particular Hotmail emails.
  4. You can migrate some selective subset of Hotmail messages, folders, contacts, etc.
  5. It supports all Windows OS for migration of Hotmail account.

Time to Conclude

The above strategy and method explained will give you quick and safe results. There will be no data alterations or information leakage issues throughout the journey of email migration with the recommended tool. Hopefully, now you can precisely migrate Hotmail email accounts without any hassle.

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