How to Migrate Lotus Notes Emails to Another Place ?

I am an IT professional who also works as a Lotus Notes administrator in a reputable organization. Or, I have read and tried many solutions to migrate Lotus Notes accounts but they have not provided good service. I request the professionals to accept my case and to help me in the best way. ”

If so, please take 2 minutes to this migration tutorials to learn about automatic Lotus Notes account migration.

Your expert of the day is Grace Martin, who has extensive knowledge of email migration over the past 15 years of experience. So let’s get started.

Some Common Challenges in Lotus Notes Email Account Migration

Lotus Notes is a full-featured email client application that users, also known as “IBM Notes.” There has always been a debate on the capabilities of Lotus Notes. Many times its users are unhappy with it and don’t find it worth it like other email clients such as Thunderbird, Zimbra, and more. If you decide to migrate Lotus Notes email accounts for free or manually, you may come across specific challenges such as:

  1. Lotus Notes or IBM Notes doesn’t come with an in-built option to migrate data from email accounts.
  2. I checked the setting options for Lotus Notes email account migration, you may end up getting a headache.

Now, after knowing the challenges, it becomes more important to know a reliable solution for Lotus Notes accounts migration. In the below section, we introduce you to a top-ranked third-party software that migrated Lotus Notes email accounts with complete safety and method. So, continue reading.

How Can You Migrate Lotus Notes Emails Accounts with 100% Success ?

Now, we have the clear-cut idea that the manual solution doesn’t work at all for Lotus Notes email accounts migration. So, let’s better give a try to a third-party application. nMigrator is a proven and experts recommended tool to migrate emails, contact, calendars, and other data from Lotus Notes accounts.

Download the software on the Windows system. Then, select .nsf files and folders for the Lotus Note email accounts migration. The useful software also gives you a preview of Lotus Notes email such as subject, to, from, cc, attachment no., and many other things.

About saving options, the tool doesn’t stop at one, two, or three choices, but more than twenty saving options. Get the complete list in the below section.

Find out All The Saving Options to Migrate Lotus Notes Email Accounts

  1. File Types Available: Using the automatic solution to migrate Lotus Notes email accounts you have various file saving options such as DOC, PDF, TXT, MSG, EML, PST, MBOX, RTF, HTML, CSV, and many more.
  2. Desktop Email Client: Besides file format, it also allows you to migrate emails from Lotus Notes account to Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Zimbra, and many others.
  3. Cloud Email Application:- If you are planning Lotus Note email migrations to switch from a desktop email client to web-based such as Gmail, Office 365, G Suite, Yahoo Mail, Exchange Server, Hosted Exchange Server, and many others.

Choosing the saving option, you need to specify a location to get the resultant data. In this way, in two or three steps, the Lotus Notes migration task completed successfully.

The Smart Features of the software

  1. It offers the ability to migrate Lotus Notes NSF files in bulk with one click.
  2. Users can migrate mailboxes of Lotus Notes email accounts such as Inbox, Drafts, Sent, Junk, Trash, etc.
  3. Use the advanced filter settings: Date, From, To, Subject, Exclude Folders, and more to sort Lotus Notes or IBM Notes email messages.
  4. You can run the utility on all MS Windows and Windows Server desktops.
  5. It offers the possibility to configure the software in multiple languages such as German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, and Japanese.
  6. It is 100% tested and proven software to migrate Lotus Note email accounts with precision.

The Conclusion

If you are a Lotus Notes email account user and for some reason want to migrate the data, take the help of the above guide. It explains the standard solution to migrate Lotus Notes email accounts. Quickly. And. Safely. If you have any issues, then contact us on live support chat.

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